When the days get shorter and the temperature falls we crave those full and flavourful sourdough breads that our grandmothers used to bake… A blissful bite into a soft but firm piece of warm, delicious and ever so comforting bread. The aroma would travel through the entire house and fill not only the nostrils but also the heart with happiness. And that is exactly how these sandwiches make us feel: a memory of our childhood recreated with a modern twist. Let’s dive right into them 😀



3 Sandwiches

Prep time

20 minutes




  • 3 slices sourdough bread of your choice

  • 1 large heirloom tomato

  • 1 small avocado

  • Full fat curd (quark)

  • Mascarpone

  • Parsley

  • Pimento pepper (ground)

  • Smoked chipotle (flaked or ground)

  • Sweet paprika powder

  • Salt


  • Lay out the bread slices on a serving platter or cutting board.
  • Mix equal amounts of mascarpone and curd well and cream the slices with the mixture. We used 3 spoons per slice as we love the taste of it. You can use less of course.
  • Cut the tomatoes and avocado into slices & arrange them atop the mascarpone/curd cream.
  • Season with pimento, chipotle, paprika & salt to taste. Garnish with a few stems of parsley and voilá your afternoon snack is ready!

Here are the exact things we used:

  • Sourdough bread: best to bake your own; we did using Biovegan Rye sourdough extract, easy peasy and deeeeeeelicious
  • Yellow heirloom tomatoes: we bought ours at Verswinkel G.J. van der Kooy
  • Avocado: we used Hass, and bought ours at Lindenhoff
  • Full fat curd: we got ours directly from the farmer, you can try Rechstreeksproducten.nl
  • Mascarpone: we got ours at Ekoplaza
  • Parsley: ours is homegrown, beautiful on the window sill and freshly harvested, we can recommend it 😉
  • Pimento pepper: we milled it in our spice mill and got the seeds here
  • Chipotle chilies: we milled it in our spice mill and got the whole peppers at Pit&Pit
  • Sweet paprika powder: we used the one from Pit&Pit
  • Salt: we used Dutch Waddenzout naturel
  • Wooden cutting board: Vintage