Coming to you with a touch of Dutch: We are Fabulousy Dutch! An international team living in the Netherlands, that loves mixing it up.

Our platform is build in a magazine style and the – whether it is food, drinks, history, travel, art, lifestyle or inspiration. We operate on a non-for-profit basis. We are privately funded and select our contributors carefully.

We prefer to source within The Netherlands, but don’t exist in a vacuum and keep our eyes peeled for anything fabulous, no matter its origin.
As we are an international bunch of people each of us also likes to bring in a piece of themselves and share their favourites. In this way we make things our own: by adding ourselves and a touch of Dutch to all we do.

The Website & Articles

We write about things we love, we believe in, we enjoy, we appreciate or we want to share. We believe in the power of positivity.

Because we respect your privacy we don’t use trackers and we don’t store your information. We believe that data ownership resides with the source or person that created it and not with the platform that distributes it. Most of our images are high resolution and will benefit from cookies storage for a quicker loading functionality.

We also don’t personalise content as this can lead to an echo chamber effect. Content should not be channeled in our opinion, it should be transparent and equally visible to everyone. Repetitive confirmation of one’s pre-existing values and opinions rarely leads to cognitive development nor the discovery of new ideas or experiences.

We believe that if you like what you see, you will come back – because we deliver a nice product/experience and pride ourselves in our craftsmanship. We prefer to establish qualitative relationships with our visitors rather than quantitive ones. Much like a physical encounter.

Why are we writing in English (and not in Dutch)?

So in order for our articles to be able to reach as many people as possible we decided to write in English. The language that the world has adopted as a quasi international language. In that sense we are writing for truly everybody, no matter where they live or whether they come to visit or live here permanently. Everybody who can converse in English i.e. In this way we are also trying to diversify the (only Dutch) available information to a bigger audience. Which we believe will also broaden the general view and information about The Netherlands.

Our View

Life is forever speeding up. And maybe 2020 was the first year in which – for a while – things have slowed down, by force of a virus.

We see Fabulously Dutch as a counter weight and use it to slow down. We think, we need to go back to being thoughtful, considerate, communal and less self-important. We can take more time to make things from scratch, use natural ingredients, source locally and be part of nature ~ rather than trying to impose ourselves onto it. We need to ask “why” and “what is the consequence if we…”.

So what you will not find here is a lot of “I”, selfies and ready-made things. Instead you will find a lot of “We”, atmospheric photography and things made from scratch.

We take time to prepare our food with attention to detail and an immense love for spices, we adore the outdoors, breathing in nature and discovering a tiny yellow flower between grey rocks, we are passionate about history and delving into overarching connections, we enjoy creating with our hands and most of all we seek to see the positive and good. Not because we don’t see the other side of the coin but because we believe that the world is made out of exactly what you want to see in it. It’s a question of perception. And perception is nine-tenths of the law.

And last but not least: We all live in this beautiful country with its rich history and heritage, that is a fantastic mix of so many foreign influences. That – despite it being rather small – offers countless possibilities to entertain, discover and venture out and about. We want to open the doors to a different experience and would love to take you along in the journey.

Thank you for being here, enjoy your visit and if you have the time, drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you happiness,

The Fabulously Dutch Team