2000 was the year
I remember it very clear
Thought I’d stay here for just a bit
But anno 2023 I’m still living here, I’ll admit…

The years flew by
And a lot of things happened, oh my…

Found some great mates
Went on a bunch of dates
Worked too much & never took off
And then one day *boom*: he found me ~ my big love

Happy to live in a little locality
Embraced entirely rurality 

The cows greet me when I bike home
The geese frequently visit the backyard to roam
The dog looks at my work
And thinks: woof, she’s goin’ again berserk!

My past shaped me to who I am
My future will continue the diagram
A colourful and curious madame

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you happiness

~ Red Fox, Fabulously Dutch