"What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul." ~ Yiddish proverb

If you are looking for a high quality and completely natural soap made in The Netherlands then you need to check out Soap7.

No plastic packaging, natural ingredients, a clean design and a woman run business with a delightful story – We Love!

Soap7 ~ Lip balm

Let’s start with the lip balm – celestial scent and fantastic ingredients. But the best part is that you can get a refill. This is one of the best lip balms we have come accross. The price quality ratio is above average. And it does not compare to other mass produced drug store sold products as the ingredients in this one are of superior quality.

The scent is true lemon zest and we love the nourishing cacao butter and coconut oil inside it.

Soap7 ~ Green and clean

And the soaps: we are lyric about them 😀

These are our 3 favourites (although, it’s difficult to chose, especially with all the limited editions, oh la la, head spinning…)

No. 5 – With activated charcoal

This is a hand soap (and it is right now a great one to have). It’s mild and does not dry out hands – even if you use it reeeeeally often – and the little poppy seeds scrub gently. What you need to keep in mind: don’t use it in plastic or composite basins – it will colour the material purple (the soap itself is dark grey due to the charcoal). Metal is not an issue. We keep ours at the kitchen sink.

No. 3 – Aloe Lady

This is not a hand soap but it could be used as one. It is very mild and smells soft and balmy. The lather is fine, and as with all soaps of Soap7, the texture of the soap is rich and it leaves one’s skin feeling clean and moisturised simultaneously. The name may suggest otherwise but we think it is a rather ‘neutrally scented’ bar.

No. 7 – Rub & Scrub

Ah! Where to start…?!? The scent? It smells like dessert. Like Arabic pudding. And that’s exactly what you will feel like after you used it LOL. Soft and delicate. We are addicted to this one. It’s a great scrubbing soap without being harsh. It saves time because it is a soap and and a scrub in one.

What could be better? Maybe if a tall, dark, mysterious beauty would apply it? But we stray from the topic…

To close off our story of praise for Soap7: the packaging and design. In one word: brilliant. From the soft-gold tissue paper, to the elegant bar wrapping, the card included, to our absolute favourite: the soap themed poems & quotes inside the label wrap.

We love it when an entrepreneur thinks it all through. And this is a great story of craftsmanship from the moment you order to the moment you sink into your bathrobe and touch your skin, exhaling with a sigh and a smile…

It’s simply fabulous!

Check out all of the above and more at their own Soap7 web shop.