If you have seen BBC’s Earth|Oceans or read the hope inspiring article “The corals that come back from the dead” then you might feel like us: amazed.

The North Sea does not contain reefs. Although in 2017 a co-op project was carried out in research of “Building with North Sea Nature” which aimed “to bolster the conservation and sustainable use of species and habitats native to the Dutch section of the North Sea” 1. The reef building Honeycomb Worm (Sabellaria alveolata) is an example to such a possibility.

They do build quite spectacular reef structures.

Sabellaria alveolata reef
Courtesy of Wikipedia – By Júlio Reis – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Alas, reefs and precious oceanic habitats are diminishing all over the world at an alarming speed…

Courtesy of Unsplash - By Milos Prelevic
Courtesy of Unsplash – By Milos Prelevic

Exactly because of this we wanted to create a vibrant & opulent reminder of these incredible and endangered ecosystems.

Reef Necklace by Fabulously Dutch

We used resin coral pieces, silver plated elements, crystals and freshwater biwa pearls to achieve a whimiscal oceanic look.

Reef Necklace by Fabulously Dutch

The Reef Necklace is part of our Ode to the Ocean series and will become available for sale in May 2021.

1 Rich Reefs in the North Sea, Exploring the possibilities of promoting the establishment of natural reefs and colonisation of artificial hard substrate