This lovely table setting is festive and will please the eye aesthetically without being ‘over the top’.

We opted out of fresh flowers and instead went for gold-finished branches and twigs. They are multi-purpose for any celebration you might have coming up and will make a great decoration object even when not on central display.

The 4 wick candle and small votive candle will cast a beautiful and warm light over the setting. The satin ribbon reflects the light gloriously and brings a touch of playfulness to the otherwise rather structured setup.

The personalised tumblers are a fabulous gift and keepsake memory. The champagne glasses have 2 different designs and add to the playfulness of the ribbon. We chose to use gold as the accompanying metal. This comes back in the aforementioned branches, the flatware and the starter plates.

We kept patterns at a minimum with the napkins and champagne glasses. The coral patterns on the 4 wick candle are subtle and supportive. Whereas the plates are all uni-coloured and placed off-centre. We also arranged the flatware in a non-traditional way, resting the fork on top of the knife. The crane figurines are complementary to the crane napkins.

The colour palette we used for this arrangement:

Here are the exact things we used: