Unwaxed organic lemons. If you can get your hands on them, save the peels and dry them for cake recipes. Store in an airtight container to minimise loss of those precious scents. That’s what we did with the ones in this recipe as well. We peel upfront with a lemon peeler to get the right thickness and then press in our Solis citrus press. The kick in this recipe is chocolate mint and Artemisa. Best enjoyed with people you love 🙂




Infusion time

24 hours




  • 5 organic lemons

  • 5 tbsp whole cane sugar

  • 2 large sprigs of chocolate mint

  • 2 large sprigs of Artemisia

  • Bottle

  • Water (carbonated or still)


  • If you would like to preserve the peel: first peel the lemons. Then juice them and put the juice into the bottle.
  • Add the sugar and then a bit of warm water, just enough to dissolve the sugar.
  • Add the spice sprigs and water to taste. We added 500ml of carbonated water.
  • Leave to infuse for 24 hours in the fridge with the bottle cap tightened well to preserve the aromas and/or gas from escaping.

Tip: If you want to add lemon quarts, do this just before serving. Inserting the entire lemon quarts will not only take along the aromas and sourness but also the bitterness of the pith.

Here are the exact things we used:

  • Whole cane sugar: we used a lighter type for this recipe
  • Organic unwaxed lemons: We bought ours at CrowdFarming, Arancebio
  • Chocolate mint & Artemisia: homegrown, you can buy these spices in most garden centers, try Esveld
  • We used an old juice bottle, for the photograph we filled a vintage carafe
  • We made the carbonated water ourselves