Local flowers are up and coming – and that’s a good development, we think. Besides environmental benefits, it is a great experience to go out in a field and select & cut your own flowers to take home. Maybe it will also inspire you to grow your own or read up on the flowers you picked. It is very educational for children as well. Either way going local and self-picking are fabulous and we invite you to join along!

Just outside Amsterdam, Lokale Bloemetjes are situated in an allotment garden that is rather large and also has De Stadsgroenteboer opposite it selling lovely veggies.

The flower fields are a beautiful site, even if you don’t want to take any home. Just strolling through the allotment garden and seeing the different varieties of plants, veggies and fruits that people grow can be uplifting.

Should you, however, feel like making your hands and shoes dirty, then there is a clear system outlined and you can also upfront visit their own website for information. Just make sure to take the exact cash amount along, there is not always somebody around (in case you’d need change…)

In our experience the flowers are lovely and there have always been sufficient to take along for a great bouquet whenever we came around. You should make sure you are coming during the harvest season and keep in mind that others will be very interested, too. If you come with the mindset: this is a trip out to enjoy & explore nature rather than a guaranteed-bouquet-take-home-experience, you are less likely to leave with disappointed expectations 😉

  • Visit the website of Lokale Bloemetjes for more information – they also sell lovely dried flower gifts.
  • If you want to know which other allotment gardens there are in Amsterdam, this website will give you a good list to get you started.
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