Catching the delicious nectar from a feathered dandelion this cabbage butterfly hurriedly touches down for her pertinacious collection task. In the Bentwoud the young woodland allows for many glimpses at birds, animals and insects.

This area is part of a land reform. Previously, these were farmlands. The territory is diverse, offering possibilities for walking, running and/or biking.

A large parking lot (free of charge) can be found at the end of the Provincialeweg. This is also where the Laarzenpad starts. And across, for all doggy parents, there is a large free-run dog zone.

Nature is very diverse here, Staatsbosbeheer has made a great effort to introduce various birds, insects, mammals and an array of plants. The (cycle) paths are well maintained. And the captivating ‘flatlands’ are such a sight to behold. Since all of this is part of the “Groene Hart” it is not surprising that no matter the season, the colours are never dull.

We love the tranquility of it all. And the wide vistas and possibilities to overlook kilometers of land are quite remarkable.

It’s not for nothing called the lands of low 😉

Visit the Bentwoud during all seasons to marvel at its changing beauties…