Did somebody say wine? 😀 We are all ears!

And if you thought that this is a product that only a country with a warmer climate could bring to life, then welcome to global climate change, adapted grape varieties and the incredibly fertile Dutch soils.

Historically, this is not per se a present-day development – should you want to read a bit more on the subject then visit the History section on GoDutch! Wine.
What is new is the attention given to the subject and the attraction is has created in recent years.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we love the fact that there is a platform to promote and professionalise the Dutch wine market.

The seasoned panel tasters from GoDutch! Wine come together approximately 1x a month and sample & discuss together 6-8 Dutch wines. The results of these review sessions are to be found in the Discover Wines section at the web site. All wines are described according to the international WSET method for professional wine tasting. 

This expertly approach provides clear tasting notes, that are easily understandable and allow for comfortable food pairing. As to all things relating to taste, this is not a mathematical formula with defined outcome, thus forming your own opinion is still an open door.

Founder and wine enthusiast Marieke Fijnvandraat is a true aficionado at heart. Her interest in wine is beyond the average wine tasting, having taken several wine training courses and most compelling of all learning how to produce her own wine by becoming a member of The Hague City Vineyard (Haagse Stadwijngaard).

So, what were Marieke’s thoughts upon starting this initiative?
“It was surprising to me that only a few people knew anything about Dutch wines. I learned about Dutch wine through The Hague Vinyard; that is where I heard that there are over 170 commercial vinyards in The Netherlands. Additionally, people are sceptical about Dutch wine. Somehow the negative image perpetuates. And that is a great pity. Dutch wine is truly sustainable and has a very low footprint. Besides, when I decided to find out more about Dutch wines and started tasting them I found out that they are next to environmentally responsible also amazingly good in terms of taste. I then decided, I want to change these inaccurate perceptions. That is why we started tasting and providing this platform. It enables marketing for the winegrowers, creates a place to profile & promote them, as well as to get in touch with other growers. And most of all: it enables everyone to acquaint themselves with our country’s sustainable and fantastic Dutch wines.”

If you want to learn more about Dutch wines and delve into a new adventure of tying them out then GoDutch! Wine is the place to start!