Pisum sativum “Capucijner” or plainly said fabulous peas are a heirloom variety. They are one of the oldest cultivars and not only beautiful to look as well as a stunner in taste. The peas hide inside of a gorgeous purple pod. Their taste is sweet and crisp. And this pesto benefits of both the sweetness of the peas as well as the saltiness of the added truffle pecorino. Delightful!




Prep time

15 minutes

Cooking time

2 minutes




  • 200g capucijner peas (shelled from the pod)

  • 100g truffle pecorino

  • 100ml virgin olive oil or more to taste

  • 50ml Bolenius spice oil

  • a few pinches of garlic salt to taste

  • a few pinches of chili powder to taste

  • 10 fresh basil leaves plus tops for decoration


  • Blanche the capucijner peas for 2 minutes and let cool off to room temperature.
  • Then mix all of the ingredients and roughly blend until you get a coarse looking mix.
  • If you are having the patience and time, pesto is best done in a mortar. This releases the aromas more richly and contributes greatly to the consistency. For this start with the basil leaves and garlic salt, add the chili powder, then the peas, then the cheese and finally the oils.
  • Enjoy this gorgeous green symphony with pasta of your choice or on sliced kohlrabi (German turnip) as a starter, topped with a single borage flower to crown your creation.

Here are the exact things we used:

  • Capucijner peas: we got ours at Boer & Buurt
  • Truffle pecorino: we got this Pecorino al Tartufo in store at Lindenhoff
  • Olive oil: we used Organic Arbequina by La Cultivada bought in store at Betjeman & Barton
  • Bolenius oil: bought directly at the restaurant
  • Basil: we harvested our own
  • Garlic salt: we used our own mix
  • Chili powder: we used our own
  • Wine pairing: Ludique, Cabernet Blanc 2019
  • Plate: Vintage, Villeroy & Boch, New Wave Premium Gold