If butterflies would kiss this is what we imagine it would taste like 😀 The taste of this cocktail has such lovely layers. And it starts already with the presentation. The basis is a rosé secco and the purple haziness is brought in by leaving blue butterfly pea blossoms to cure overnight in young jenever. And adding a dash of violet liqueur. Kisses anyone?



4 cocktails

Prep time

15 minutes

Cooling time

24 hours


Very easy

Ingredients for the Jenever infusion

  • 60ml young genever

  • a handful of blue butterfly pea blossoms

  • lidded bottle / container

Directions For the Purple Jenever Infusion

  • Take your bottle or container and fill it with the jenever. Drop the blossoms into the alcohol, close the lid, shake a few times and put it into the fridge. Leaving the blossoms for at least 24 hours to cure in the alcohol. Longer curing time equals a stronger taste of blossoms left behind in the alcohol and a more intense color.

From left to right: after 15 minutes, 3 hours and 24 hours

Ingredients For the Butterfly kisses Cocktail

  • 60ml purple jenever infusion

  • 400ml rosé secco

  • Violet liqueur (to taste)

  • Tall prosecco glas

  • Bar spoon

  • Ice (optional)


  • Remove the blossoms. At this point they will have left all of their colour behind in the alcohol and will look pale pink-ish.
  • Add a few dashes of the violet liqueur to the jenever infusion and shake a little to mix. (We are assuming that you still have it all in that same bottle/container in which you infused it.)
  • Add first the secco. Then using the tapered end of the bar spoon let ¼ of the jenever/liqueur mix carefully flow to the bottom. If you are doing it right, it should go right to the bottom of the glas (the jenever/liqueur mix has a higher viscosity/density than the secco – so you should get no distortion).
  • If you are using ice add it now carefully. We didn’t 😉 as all our liquids were already cooled and we did not want the taste diluted.

Here are the exact things we used:

  • Young jenever: Jajem Organic Jenever
  • Violet liqueur: Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur
  • Rosé secco: Secco rose made of the Cabernet Cortis grape from the lovely Dutch vineyard Aan de Breede Beek, tasting note from GoDutch! Wine
  • Blue butterfly pea blossoms: we got ours from de Theeplantage
  • Bar spoon: ours is vintage (seriously, it is 25 years old…) this one looks a lot like it
  • Prosecco glas: ours is vintage, this one looks a lot like it
  • Lidded mini bottle: yeah… ours are vintage… this one looks a lot like it *
  • Table runner: made by Fabulously Dutch, alas sold out already…

* We apologise for all the vintage bits here… but when it comes down to cocktails we have a ton of things that are ancient because we love their quality and flair… Should you feel inspired: get out there and look for some antiquities, they posses so much more character 😉