If you want to experience the rut at close hand in October, then this is your chance. Get into your outdoor gear, grab your camera and off you go to the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen.

If you have never encountered these gorgeous animals at close range (less than 10m, but you need to be really quiet and patient), then you are up for an immense treat.

They are awfully fast and easily startled, making it really difficult to capture them on camera. Unless you have a massive tele-lens (nope, not us).

We found the experience enticing and magical. Maybe also because there were almost no humans present (we were there in the morning and the weather was pretty bad). The big masses (people calling loudly on their mobile phone, rolling eyes) are pouring in after lunch on the weekends.

If you take out 4 hours for a long walk and little breaks to marvel not only at the deer but also at many insects, mushrooms (and if you are really lucky foxes) and some exquisite birds, then you will go home with an incredible feeling of relaxation and fulfilment.

We were absolutely in our nature element and on our way back passed orchard Olmenhorst for some zelfpluk apples and pears. Deee-lish!

We recommend to take along something to drink and eat while you are hiking in the AWD. We packed a rucksack with water, coffee and a huge piece of our Apple & Dates Bread, sat on a tree trunk, gobbled up the delicious treat, slurped the steaming coffee and gazed at nature’s beauty…