Many moons ago a lovely Italian Chef, Daniele, decided to move to Düsseldorf and open a restaurant there. He met his wife, Sandra, in Rome while she was on a summer holiday with her girlfriends. Love is a beautiful thing unstoppable by country borders ☺️ Initially, she moved to Italy/Rome and while her spare time was amazing, her work life was a disaster. After 3 years of struggling they decided to move to Germany/Düsseldorf so that Sandra could work as an HR Manager and Daniele thought he could get a job as a chef. While Sandra was now having a stellar career, Daniele struggled with the language and finding a suitable position. Finally, he leaped into opening his own restaurant. It was an immediate success and after a year Sandra joined and they ran the business together, expanding with an ice cream parlour and a pizzeria. This is now 40 years ago. And both Sandra and Daniele are not amongst us anymore unfortunately; as well as their businesses. What survives is their sweet story and the recipe of the signature spice mix they used: Amore. How we obtained it will be a topic of another time…


Prep time

15 mins




  • Equal parts of all below stated ingredients

  • Lampong peppercorns (freshly ground)

  • Oregano (dried)

  • Thyme (dried)

  • Marjoram (dried)

  • Onion pieces (dried)

  • Garlic pieces (dried)

  • Basil (dried)

  • Savory (dried)

  • Paprika flakes (dried)

  • Tomato flakes (dried)

  • Celery leaves (dried)

  • Fenugreek leaves (dried)

  • Parsley leaves (dried)

  • Chives (dried)

  • Optional: Chili flakes (dried)


  • Pour all ingredients into a fitting jar with screw top.
  • Shake well for at least a minute or until everything is well mixed.
  • Don’t leave the jar open for too long to prevent the aromas from escaping and moisture creeping in.

Here are the exact things we used: