… with a touch of Dutch!

 Zó mooi!




☙ Zó mooi! = So beautiful! 

This week’s headliner has a diacritic. Diacritics are marks above, below or next to a letter in a word. They indicate a specific pronunciation, this can include tone, stress or accent. Or even a meaning, in particular when a homograph exists without the marked letter(s). In written Dutch diacritics are used to convey accentuation. ‘Zó mooi!” emphasises how beautiful the addressed object/person is. In this case the stress on the word ‘zó’ is very strong. It’s soooo beautiful!

Red & turquoise table setting


This lovely table setting is festive and will please the eye aesthetically without being ‘over the top’. We opted out of fresh flowers and instead went for gold-finished branches and twigs. They are multi-purpose for any celebration you might have coming…

Capucijner Peas Pesto

Pisum sativum “Capucijner” or plainly said fabulous peas are a heirloom variety. They are some of the oldest cultivars and not only beautiful to look at as well as a stunner in taste. Check out our recipe and take your ideas about peas to the next culinary level.


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