A feature on our website?

It is really important to understand how we operate, what we do (and what we don’t do) and what you can expect of us.

  • Fabulously Dutch focusses on spreading and sharing positive energy by writing constructive articles
    • As such we do not write negative reviews on our website. If published: it’s positive
  • By publishing feature articles we aim to support the companies/labels/organisations/brands that have a sustainable approach, respect nature & people and regard durability as a logical component of their business
  • It may sound odd but we do not ask for payment for our articles. We are privately funded and want to remain independent. This makes us trustworthy and non-partisan

We do not promote via affiliate and our website is ad free.
This is really the core of our beliefs.

In order to qualify for a feature article a commercial company has to tick the following items:

  • Dutch based (e.g. with operations in The Netherlands) or
  • Dutch Founder (e.g. with roots in The Netherlands)
  • The company/label/brand etc. must have a sustainable element – an ecological/organic/sustainability label is advantageous
  • For Fashion & related in particular: should not encourage fast fashion – an ecological/organic/sustainability label is advantageous
  • The company/label/brand should have an outspoken ethical element
  • The company/label/brand should be transparent with regard to manufacturing, (commercial) partnerships and employee policies

For non-for-profits or NGOs we request the following things:

  • Dutch based (e.g. with operations in The Netherlands) or
  • Dutch Founder (e.g. with roots in The Netherlands)
  • Transparency with regard to (commercial) partnerships and employee policies
  • If providing a product: transparency with regard to manufacturing

Other things you need to know / be aware of:

  • Please do not send us unsolicited products for review!
    • We do not write specific product reviews on request
    • We write about a company/label/organisation/brand and then will feature product(s) that we pick ourselves
  • The company/label/brand has to qualify first and only then will we look at which specific product(s) we will feature
  • Sometimes we appreciate to speak with the founder/CxO of a company/label/brand/organisation and do a small interview, we might then add a quote from the conversation
    • We always publish after approval

How can you support us and our work?

  • Spread the word about us
  • Encourage people to visit our website
  • Follow us on Instagram and encourage others to follow us as well
  • Join us in our efforts: suggest a company/label/brand/organisation to be featured
  • Submit an article for publication
  • Make an independent financial contribution
  • Pledge to one of our reward crowdfunding campaigns (currently none running)

Thank you very much for your time!

∽ The Fabulously Dutch Team